Does God Have a Sense of Humour?


Does God Have a Sense of Humour? is the first of eight books that David Holdaway has written gained from a wealth of ministry and experience. It will make you laugh and make you think and it will certainly bless you as well.


We all love to laugh and even pay to hear people make us do it but God is the one who invented laughter! And this book will make you laugh!

Today the laughter industry is massive and it’s not just about television and theatres. The medical professional are extolling its virtues and have finally caught up with what a wise man named Solomon said over 3000 years ago in the Bible,

“A merry heart is good medicine,” Proverbs 17:22.

A laugh a day really does help to keep the doctor away. So here is your chance to test the theory – have a good laugh and take some laughter medicine. 

  • Behind every great man is an amazed mother-in-law!
  • A man and his wife both reached the age of 50. The man prayed, “Lord, could you make my wife 30 years younger than me, please?” The Lord replied, “Are you sure?” “Yes, yes!” said the man. “OK,” said God, and the man suddenly found himself 80 years old. Be careful what you pray for!
  • Thank you for calling the ‘Weight Loss Helpline’. If you would like to lose half a pound right now please press the hash key eighteen thousands times!

Does God Have a Sense of Humour? is the first in a series of eight Laugh and Laugh Again books by David Holdaway. David has been a minister for more than 37 years and over that time has gathered a wealth of funny stories, jokes and fascinating anecdotes that will bless, encourage and especially make you laugh!