Surviving and Succeeding Through a Financial Crisis


The current world financial crisis is reckoned to be the most serious ever. During the past several years we have seen the worst debt crisis in history and the largest financial failures of all time. The old joke about Noah being the world’s greatest financier has a certain relevancy about it: he managed to keep afloat while the rest of the world went into liquidation!


During the past several years the world has seen the worst debt crisis in history and the largest financial failures of all time.

To survive and succeed during such a financial crisis you must examine your life’s foundations. Jesus said the wise builder is the one who hears His words and puts them into practice. The words Jesus is primarily referring to is His teaching He has just given (Matthew 5-7). The essence of what He taught is that to be blessed we must live God’s way and at the heart of that is to put Him first in everything,

It’s time to do some examining and ask yourself what have I been building my financial life, my business life, my family life, my social and spiritual life on? Is Jesus Lord? Do I honour Him with my treasures, my time and my talents or have I merely acknowledged Him and done mostly my own thing?

Laying foundations isn’t usually much fun but without them we are destined to fail and whatever we build will fall. One way that makes foundations more exciting is to keep in mind the vision of what you are building on them. They are not an end in themselves but are going to take you further and deeper into the purposes of God for your life.
There were once three men who were digging a ditch on a huge building site. The first was asked, “What are you doing?” He replied, “I’m just digging a ditch and pouring cement and it’s boring and back breaking.” The second man was asked the same question and replied in a similar way. The third man seemed to act differently and when he was asked replied, “Oh, I am helping to build a great cathedral and it’s the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life.”

Getting our spiritual foundations right is just one of the strategies what will help to get you through not just a financial crisis but any crisis that comes your way.

David Holdaway’s book is easy to read, insightful and practical. It covers such topics as:

  • Putting Things Into Perspective,
  • The Stronghold of God’s Peace,
  • The Promise of God’s Provision,
  • The Prosperity of God’s Presence and
  • Making Wise Financial Decisions.

It isn’t a quick fix but is a quick check to see if you are building and going in the right direction to meet any financial crisis head on.This book is about understanding God’s ways and principles to be able to survive and succeed in difficult times no matter what the economic situation. In the midst of a crisis some people are in pieces while others are in peace – which are you?