The Burning Heart


A young minister once asked John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, how he could get people to come to his church. Wesley replied, “Young man, catch fire for God and people will come and watch you burn!”


Sadly, many Christians start the Christian walk well but finish badly. This book examines the reasons why, and offers healing and hope to those who feel their heart is not on fire as it once was, and want to return to that place of passion and love for Jesus.

Many Christians suffer from broken dreams and disappointments which extinguish the flame of passion for God. We can become polished and professional in our life and ministry but these never have been, nor can be, a substitute for a burning heart.

This book is a sequel to my previous book The Captured Heart. There I wrote, “Whatever captures our heart will control our lives and determine our destiny.” The reason I have written The Burning Heart is to help those who have gone, or who are going through, pain and loss of expectation with broken and unfulfilled dreams.

Many have lost the spiritual passion they once knew and struggle to return to that place of spiritual hunger for God. They still function but experience and professionalism never has been or can ever be a substitute for a “Burning Heart.”

Through the real life experiences of those who have kept their hearts on fire, and have recovered their lost passion for God, you will learn how to once more reignite your heart.

My prayer is that as you read the pages of this book your heart will burn with a new zeal because Jesus is not a disappointment. Your greatest days are before you because the best is still to come. This is one of the great joys of being a follower of Jesus.

In the world when you reach a certain age your best days are behind you, but in God’s kingdom whatever age you are your best days are still ahead as long as you keep your heart on fire for God.

Topics covered by the book include: When the thrill is gone; The world is not worth preaching to; How to survive a bad day; Life isn’t always fair; What do you do when a miracle dies?; Where do I find rest; Finishing well; Get out of the tent; One can make a difference; When the fire has almost gone.

The reigniting of spiritual passion is intimately connected with the rediscovery of purpose for our life and intimacy with Jesus. The heart is set ablaze in the presence of those we love and by doing the things we love. The word “passion” means essentially “to be affected by” and has been described as the essential energy of the soul.

For our hearts to remain burning for the Lord we need the constant fuel of fellowship with Jesus and fulfilling the purpose which we are called for.

This book offers healing and hope. It will also help and encourage you to once again experience a Burning Heart for God and to find once again that “passion” for Jesus.