Was Jesus Rich


When we ask Was Jesus Rich? we are talking about financial wealth and the question of whether Jesus was considered to be materially ‘well off’ in His day. The answer to that question is important because some who assume He was rich use it to teach that God wants all His people to become affluent, while others, who assert He wasn’t, use it to accept poverty and impoverishment.


Why write a book asking and seeking to answer the question Was Jesus Rich? Does is really matter and what do we mean by rich?
It’s amazing how when I told people people I was writing a book on this subject the amount of comment and debate it generated. It was also noticeable how strongly and passionately people held different views. ‘Of course He was poor, how can anyone say He was rich? Didn’t He say ‘Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head?’ Or ‘He was bound to be rich, since He had a professional trade as a skilled carpenter, and didn’t He wear a seamless robe which was a very expensive designer garment?’
This book looks at the history of the church’s attitude towards wealth as well as discussing modern day prosperity teaching. It then goes on to give the arguments of those who say Jesus was rich and those who state otherwise, before coming to some very interesting conclusions.