Translated Books

The Life of Jesus – Chinese
The Life of Jesus was translated into Chinese about 12 years ago through Sovereign World Trust and since then around 500,000 copies have been distributed free of charge in every province of China. The organisation, which works with Christians in China, prints and distributes books for the growing Chinese church. It works amongst the poor rural population who, even if books could be bought, could not afford to buy them. Fifty four per cent of the population of China still live in the rural areas and many of the poor survive on less than £0.60 per day.

The Life of Jesus – Arabic
The Life of Jesus was translated into Arabic around 12 years ago. Since then there have been a number of printings with around 18,000 books being sold and distributed throughout North Africa. As it is not a ‘Bible’ but a ‘religious book’ (although it tells the full story of the four Gospels) it is more acceptable to Muslims and the book is used for evangelism and to explain about Jesus’ life and ministry.

The Life of Jesus – Indonesian
Around 12,000 copies have been printed and distributed in Indonesia – a country with a population of 238 million people, 80% of whom are Muslim. Many of these copies have been distributed to prisons throughout Indonesia.

Never Enough – Portuguese
Never Enough has been translated into Portuguese and made available in Brazil to bring much needed teaching on finance and a Biblical balance on attitudes to debt.

Other translated books by David Holdaway are:

  • No More Fear: Indonesian
  • Winning Over Worry: Indonesian